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COVID-19: Infection prevention & control

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May 24, 2021

Mental Health & Coping During COVID-19


May 24, 2021



May 23, 2021

Lockdown till 31st May in Lucknow

- Regular OPD has been closed.

- Only Emergency Services are active.

- Patients are advised to stay at home for next three weeks.

- We can be reached at.                          (+91) 8090030198


May 24, 2021

Recommendations from WHO


May 24, 2021

Stay at Home

By staying home, you can not only protect your health and that of those around you, but ensure that your healthcare professionals and our healthcare systems can focus on those who need their help. This is an adjustment for all of us. We know that staying home is an important step to protect the community and each other. We all have to do it.

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